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Our goal at CARROT is to form new Ag Tech companies, and set them up with a solid foundation for success

The opportunity to succeed is the CARROT

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How CARROT Works

With CARROT, we form new Canadian Ag Tech companies by bringing together technology with talent and leading the first round of capital to commercialize the opportunity. Compared to traditional investing where an existing company is funded, our goal at CARROT is to form
new Ag Tech companies and set them up with a solid foundation for success.

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We source technology that brings solutions to substantive market problems in the Canadian agricultural sector from corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial sources.

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We recruit a founder-CEO with demonstrated ability to bring technologies to market, and drive commercial success.

Alignment of interests is ensured with a fair allocation of founders shares between the inventor, CEO, and AVAC Group.

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AVAC Group leads the first round of capital, ensuring appropriate capital structure and governance is in place to launch and guide the startup.

A vetted opportunity awaits the leader selected to become founder of one of our companies.

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Is CARROT For You?

CARROT is not a seed-stage investor for existing startups.

At CARROT, we form new Ag Tech companies. We're looking for outstanding Ag Tech that solves substantive market problems, and proven executives to be the founder-CEO of a new company.

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If you are a proven entrepreneur or business leader looking to lead a new Agri-venture, we may have a pre-packaged opportunity just for you. If you are aware of some intellectual property with commercial promise and have a plan, contact us.

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If you have innovative Ag Tech with commercial merit, CARROT's company formation model may be the path to commercialization. You may be a researcher, or an existing company or institution willing to spin out the technology.

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CARROT is the future of Canadian Ag Tech

We have:

  • A National Scope - Technology and talent matched for the benefit of Canadian agriculture.
  • Domain Experience - Expertise within AVAC Group to deploy capital and governance.
  • A Co-investing Model - AVAC Group is a CARROT company shareholder, leading the first round of financing.
  • A Success Incentive - Financial gain for all parties tied to commercial success and value creation.
  • An Extensive Network - For talent, capital and customer relationships.

We’re looking for Ag Tech that addresses opportunities or tackles
challenges across the entire value-chain of agriculture:

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Crop Production

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Animal Health

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Digital Agriculture

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Food Tech

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Food Safety & Logistics

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Value-Add Products

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